COVID-19 Impact on Outsourced Accounting Services

COVID-19 pandemic having a global impact. It has not only affected individuals and families but also severely affected businesses and governments across the globe. There has been a steady rise in cases and the death toll worldwide. As the pandemic still rages on, the hence complete and exact impact on businesses is still not known. Whether small or big, every firm has been affected one way or the other by covid-19.

Businesses in the UK have not been untouched by this, mainly small to mid-sized firms that have been greatly affected by this pandemic. Many businesses had to accept the British government’s support to continue trading or downsize their operations. Such pressing times call for a drastic change in the way the business itself carried on. Businesses may have to re-work their business model altogether and tap into new opportunities wherever possible.

One of the best ways to weather this storm is to reduce the overheads and outsource non-core activities within a business such as accounting to finance and accounting outsourcing firm and concentrate on one’s core operations and retain minimum manpower that is required to optimally carry out those core functions. Even functions such as HR, payroll, bookkeeping, etc. can all be outsourced to such accounts outsourcing firms who have the expertise and know that how to help you navigate successfully through this period of extreme difficulty. Let’s look into the benefits of outsourcing accounting services.

Why Finance and Accounting services should be outsourced:


Outsourcing will free up your time from attending to routine non-core aspects of your business. It can be wisely spent in meeting prospective clients, marketing and advertising your services more effectively, networking, and interacting with your clients. Finance and accounting outsourcing firm will free up your valuable time. It will allow you to focus on what is important to you and your business, such as strategic planning, which is essential for your success.

Financial awareness

The pandemic has thrown out of gear the smooth functioning of many businesses or at least some functions of those businesses. But as a business, it becomes highly imperative for you and more so during this pandemic to be completely aware of your financial situation. You should be aware of the micro as well as the macro picture of your business to make quick and critical decisions for the smooth running of your business. By hiring the services of a reputed accounting outsourcing firm, you would have access to all kinds of information, including outstanding bills, payroll estimation, income information, and more.


Saving every penny which has been earned becomes a top priority as businesses are losing clients, cutting costs, and trimming the workforce as well. One of the greatest impacts of COVID-19 has been on the well-being of the employees. Many have been laid off or have resigned voluntarily. They are also working from remote locations, and this has given rise to newer challenges such as absenteeism or low productivity. Outsourcing is the answer to these woes as accounting outsourcing will lead to a significant reduction in payroll costs and an increase in your profit. Even otherwise, with outsourced services, you don’t have to pay for the overhead cost, sick leaves, vacation, training, managing, and other employee benefits.

Technical expertise

One of the most important considerations while choosing an accounts outsourcing firm is its technical expertise. Its benefits have rarely been more evident than in the current scenario where there is a torrent of new laws, legislations, rules, and regulations. The unprecedented number of various rules, regulations, legislations, government support schemes, deferral schemes, etc. have all added to the already complex nature of the business landscape, and this has led to a lot of uncertainty among the business owners. This is where businesses can really on the decades of expertise of outsourced firms, which can accurately advise on the changing guidelines and new legislations.

Doshi Outsourcing has more than two decades of experience in providing top-notch finance and accounting outsourcing services to many clients throughout the UK. Our quality of work and testimonials speak for themselves! Whatever is the size of the business or the sector that operate in, we will listen to all needs and prepare a comprehensive and highly customised solution for the business. We are very passionate about finance and accounting.

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