Outsource Administration Services: What is Administration?

The administration is the process or activities connected with planning, organizing, directing, supervising and controlling the way that an organization functions. It refers to the process of running the businesses, offices or organizations. This encompasses creating rules & regulations, management of operations, making decisions, and creating an organization of employees to direct activities towards a common objective or business goals.

The administration department is the backbone of an organization. It ensures a smooth flow of information from one department to another. Without an effective administration, an organization would not run effectively & smoothly.


Office administration is one of the key elements associated with a high level of productivity & efficiency. It would be very difficult to run a business without good administration. The Administration of a company organizes all the details and creates order out of a chaotic situation. While the other departments like Sales, Marketing and Business Development people are working hard to grow the company & make money; it’s up to the administration to manage all the financial & legal aspects as well as by providing the proper tools and information, along with the paperwork that is necessary for the rest of the company to actually do their job. Organization and efficiency are the key aspects of any administration.

Generally, the administration is the performance of tasks required to operate an organization. Billing customers & paying suppliers are examples of administrative tasks. One more example is that administrations can have a policy function also, that is when the organization changes its strategy, administrative personnel is responsible for making contract changes necessary to end the previous policy and begin implementing the new direction.

Administration ensures efficient performance of all the departments by being a connecting link between the senior management and the employees. This department provides motivation to the employees and makes them realize the goals of the organization. The administration department may also act as a link between the management and the clients also.

An effective administrator should be able to understand the general concept of administration. The administrator should be able to enhance the employee’s ability to manage and organize the office effectively and professionally. Other abilities are proper filing standards, developing appropriate office management strategies, develop administrative procedures & able to plan and control the administrative budget.

The administrative functions that are mostly outsourced may be filing the tax, customer service, data entry & data management, Recruitment, preparing planners, assistant services, event organising and management, creative work like designing websites, creating logos, editing, etc. Any formal organization of certain magnitude needs a section to deal with personal matters such as the hiring of permanent & temporary staff, their salaries, social security & insurance, training, preparation of payroll when a considerable workforce is involved.

In large organizations, there is a heterogeneous collection of functions that also requires administration. There are many jobs that come under the administration department. For example, for all official incoming and outgoing mails are to be registered in a logbook and properly filed. One of the clerks or employees in the administrative services is usually responsible for this work.

As business owners, there is more than enough work to be handled and so the administrative tasks could be handled by someone else. Outsourcing administration services have started making greater inroads into the market. Many small, medium, and now large size firms are looking for streamlining their businesses by outsourcing, administration services.

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